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Thursday, 23 June 2011

My wandering mind

This is simply a taste of where my mind goes when I let it just wander. In other words I sat for too long in front of a blank computer screen unable to find inspiration so I wrote what I thought of as my mind wandered, pondered and wondered.

As my mind wanders down the lonely road of pondering I wonder. What is possible and what isn't?

I take a detour through history and find people there who believe things that I know as possible are absurd impossibilities. Perhaps I meet an emperor such as Julius Caeser who would no doubt have me killed for even suggesting that such a thing as an aeroplane, a gun or a skyscraper were possible. So what does that make us to the people of the fifth millennium Anno Domini? Will that time even exist as we overpopulate our planet, removing, out of necessity and greed, all Earth's natural resources.

Yet the fact remains that, as we have that thought to ponder, it has in truth, opened our minds to endless possibilities as a species. There are countless contraptions created of the imagination, such as a time travel machine, that many can argue is impossible. Yet the way I view such a thing is that the Egyptians and Romans knew nothing of fuel biology (unless you count getting an animal or slave to physically do something as such) and therefore couldn't comprehend the use of a car, plane or even space shuttle, just as we may know nothing of what in the future could fuel time travel. Yes we may be very educated, having discovered copious amounts of information, but our education as a species is constant and ever improving. The fact that we are where we are today is down to human natures' innate function of curiosity and inquisitiveness driving us. We want to learn and will never quit until we know everything, which we never will.

I also wonder how much of the information people were killed or outcast for even thinking is lost. You don't even need to travel back half a millennium to find that any information, especially that seeming  to disprove God's existence, was destroyed along with its publisher/writer/discoverer. Science versus religion was considered a war, a global civil war. Yet as we know now that facts found in science that can disprove events like the creation of the world as he Bible tells it are actually facts. Science was discouraged so we have to wonder how much was lost and how much has actually been rediscovered.

This leads me onto another world where history has been distorted  and the world has always embraced all scientific discovery. What would the world look like now? It has to be admitted that if science were accepted from the start then the world would be very different. Perhaps the plane would have been invented in 17th century Britain and flown across the channel. What would it look like? When we consider the idea that the things we know today were invented by different people of a different time the it goes without saying that it would visually be very different. It would be interesting to see something like a Roman bicycle, maybe made entirely of wood, (the pedals perhaps connected to the wheels rather than a chain) in a museum.

 Sorry for rambling. I was lost as of what to write today and my mind wandered, so I wrote as I thought, as my mind wandered... :-D

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  1. Sometimes there is nothing like a ramble to get the juices flowing and the feel good sensations happening!