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Thursday, 19 May 2011

No More Conformity

 I've written this inspired by the amount of people I know that wear what, act how and simply conform to how society says they should be. They are never their true selves.

Do you love your life?
Or could it be better...

Does happiness reign?
Or are you under the weather...

Do you accept what life is?
Or wonder what life could be...

Do you conform to fit in?
Or do you want to be you...

Be what you want to be
Don't just try to fit in

You'll discover yourself
You'll find your true and real friends

The friends that know the real you
The friends that love you whatever

You'll be happy and free
You'll be
And how
You want to be

You'll have freed your true self
From your own mental prison
This piece of advice is for you
It's your choice
Your decision


  1. Andy, you have some wise thoughts here. Finding one's true self is definitely worth it.

  2. Find out who we are is a BIG revelation! :)

  3. Amen, I don't have use for mental prisons.

    Henry Clemmons

  4. I am happy being me and remain true to myself.
    I would never intentionally hurt someone and if I did, would learn from it.

    Life is for living and enjoying and not conforming to others beliefs.

    Roundabout way of saying 'Bravo!'

    Anna :o]