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Monday, 16 May 2011

Immortal Bloom

 This s my entry to One Shoot Sunday. writing a poem/short story of 55 words based on this picture. I've gone and got addicted to entering writing competitions haven't I!

Red clouds in the morning
Soldier's warning
Yet heed it they cannot
With their loved ones not forgot
They frenzy wildly in trenches
Ensuring hold of their defences
Into blazing battle they march
Candles burning in their hearts

They never stop
They never yield

They are remembered by a bloom
Immortal soldiers in the fields


  1. I really love this one! although it leaves me a bit thoughful and sad :)

  2. Poppies always remind of Flanders as well. (I posted a story on a similar theme some time ago, and yanked it so I could shop it around.) It's well that we writers keep their memories alive.

  3. Ohh...lovely! The last coupla lines made me all goosebumpy...
    Such a tender and beautiful tribute to all those who bare their lives and souls only to protect us...
    They deserve it!!

  4. this is quite beautiful! very nicely written!

  5. Beautiful words, Andy. The last two lines say it all.

  6. awesome could be both positive and negative.

    your words paint powerful imagery.