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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Forever Young

Fake smiles followed her as she looked around the room but she didn't notice them for what they were, so they made her happy. "Hi everyone!"

"Happy birthday Eve!" They would all tell her. "hope you're having a good time!"

"Yeah! Great!" She would reply to each in turn. Though she did not like a fair proportion of her guests, the fact that her party was a busy one made the sacrifice worthwhile.

Traveling amongst the crowd Eve found it difficult to find conversation. It was her birthday party. Everyone was either chatting about work with one another or something private that it was best Eve didn't involve herself in. The lack of attention was getting annoying but out of respect for the privacy of others she put up with it.

"Father!" Eve noticed him as she entered the hallway.

"Eve!" He replied with forced delight. " Are you enjoying yourself?"


"Erm what darling?"

"Well it's pretty quiet in there daddy."

"I tell you what baby." Her father crouched to meet her eyes. "Why don't you go and get yourself even more beautiful while I sort out your big gift?"

Excitement took Eve over. "Okay daddy. I won't be long."

"You don't need to be baby. I just don't want you to see your present before I give it to you darling."

Enthusiastically Eve ran into the bathroom and shut the door. "Don't come in here while I'm getting ready then!"

"I wont!"

Eve's father waited for the bathroom door to shut before entering the common room. "Everyone!" He called for their attention. "Eve is the centre of attention tonight thanks to my purse! No product equals no pay! I thought I should make sure you remember that when she comes back down!" With fearful silence the room stared at him as his wife entered the room, whispering into his ear before heading to a nearby closet. "Okay people!" He continued. "Here's Eve! Everyone wish her a happy birthday!" they all sang happy birthday as she entered the room, happily basking in the attention. she opened her gift to find a diamond encrusted pendant with a picture of her and her parent's in it..

"Thank you daddy!" She exclaimed with a hug,

"No problem sweetums!" He  replied, suspiciously viewing the room as he hugged her. The room responded with applause.

Eve is 30 years old. Eve is autistic. Her father employs her as a 'secretary' (her work is irrelevant to his company as it is all an act and the guests are her so called workmates paid to be there.

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  1. Sad story of a father who loves his child.