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Monday, 23 May 2011


 This poem is inspired by my ideal of living life without fear.

Fear of failure
Fear of shame
Fear of punishment
Fear of blame

The repercussions of your actions
Control everything you do
You may want to do one thing
Yet your fear controls you

Your fear is your jail
Your fear is your prison
Your mind says do one thing
Fear won't let you listen

Face your fears
Face your foe
You will find joy
Where you saw woe

However small a fear is
Be it phobia or not
It leaves part of you imprisoned
Letting it starve and rot

It will die and decay
See no light of day
Just because you said no
I can't
I won't

Because you were afraid


  1. Bravo, Andy...a great message...and beautifully executed. Well done. Vb

  2. Imagine what we all could accomplish with out that anchor called fear.

  3. Very well said!

    And thanks for participating in my latest Limerick-Off.

    Mad Kane

  4. very true and I'm glad I read it because I needed to be reminded. thank you.

  5. I wrote about fear this week as well. I did enjoy reading yours.