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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Senses 3 and a Bit

This poem is true of me. Without disclosing details of the incident itself I will say that after a serious bang to the head around two and a half years ago I have no sense of smell. Due to the fact that it is a brain trauma it will never return.

I can see and I can hear
I'm lacking in sense of fear
But it exists when I'm up high
When I'm scared  'cause I can't fly

My sense of touch means I can feel
When wounds hurt and when they heal
You can hurt me physically
You can hurt me emotionally

Yet smell you I cannot
It's a sense my brain forgot
The tissue's swollen on my brain
I will never smell again

Smell has made it's wedding vows
Liives with taste in sensual house
Taste is widowed by smell in me
It's there... but not wholly

So I tell you of my senses three
And a fourth that is there partly
But I am absent a whole
Smell no longer has soul

My sense of smell has deserted me


  1. Poignant - life has such a menu of potential losses. I'd like to see this developed further as prose if you can. (I mean if you can emotionally - I'm confident you have the ability.)

  2. interesting...losing the sense of smell would be a painful blow to me...though i can think of none of the senses i would want to give up...

  3. I like the sing-song rhyme of this. I guess if I had to choose one to lose, my sense of smell would be it (does it affect how things taste?)

  4. I like poems that share personal truths, such as this one. It is sad to have lost the sense of smell. So much anticipation of a meal comes from the smells of the food.

  5. the same happened to my mom - she fell on her head and the sense of smell never returned - and you only realize how helpful it is when you have it no longer

  6. there are some benefits to this ;) i'm sure you see the world in a new way and make the most of it...

  7. your poem has a smooth tone to it, light and easy to follow despite of its content, a loss. I agree with some of the comments mentioned here, that if I have a sense that I could choose to lose, then it would be smell. Having said that, I don't want you to feel that I'm underestimating the tool this has I'm sure taken on you. Smell, just like any other sense, is linked to memory, especially memory from childhood. I would be very sad if I can't smell certain things from my childhood that brings wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing this and reminding us what we have.