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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

British Summer Limerick Style

I decided to write about the British Summer in four limericks here.
Because it is a joke. 
(If you're British You'll know what I mean)

The sun's shining bright
Our big burning ball of light
Opportunity's thin
This is a rare thing
Today barbecue; then party tonight

Go shopping for food and fuel
Pushing and shoving; a duel
Those fresh sausages are mine
You can have those there in brine
Get to the tinned aisle you idiot fool

Now it's time to pick up the booze
This is a fight, a race I can't lose
Nobody's willing to share
When the shelves are near bare
Glad I'm wearing my running shoes

Back at home at long last
It seemed ages but was fast
I've got a pain in my brain
Through the window I see rain
Summer's already a thing of the past

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  1. So true. Yesterday it was 33c in Sussex, and now we're having thunder storms with spits and spots of rain. Summer: a confusing time of year.


  2. Hi,

    Hee hee: classic!

    Just thought you might like to know you were runner up for Featured Writer at


  3. Hello Andy,
    Living in Cheshire I can appreciate evry single word.
    I can laugh and cry at the reality of our 'lesser spotted summer'.

    Best Regards, Eileen

  4. No mistaking dear old England! lol

  5. LOVE limericks...and seems your summers aren't that different from my own! lol Waving from across the pond :)

  6. Ha ha, Andy, you got that right! A British BBQ hey! I can just picture the scene! Poor summer deprived!

    I've been away and am doing the rounds to say hello. This Friday the challenge is Voices for RFWers. It would be lovely if you could post a poem for us! Or some prose! Have missed you!


  7. Great collection of funny and relate-able limericks.

  8. Loved this, Andy! We have British friends who've been making like comments about their weather.