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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It's good to be different

 This poem is for One Shot Wednesday

What is normal?
Do you conform to society?
If you do life is empty
It's good to be different

To be different is to be normal
A person one and alone
Your personality your own
It's good to be different

Your friends like to read fact
You prefer to write fiction
They think it's an affliction
It's good to be different

Everyone is different
In their own way, large or small
Like a woman who can play football
It's good to be different

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  1. it is good to be different. i wish as a society we embraced that more. different though starting at an early age is often shunned...unfortunately...

  2. Hello Andy.
    Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same?
    It's good to be different & we should embrace our uniqueness.

    Nice one!

  3. It's quite necessary to enjoyment of I life, in my humble opinion.

  4. Non-conformity is good especially for creative people
    thanks Andy and thanks for the visit :)

  5. I like this. It is whimsical and I have always thought that photo was so cute.

  6. What is normal, indeed.

    PS: I agree, it's good to be different. I need a bumper sticker to remind me at times, though...

  7. yes - it's good to be different indeed and we should learn to accept each other just as we are...nicely the image as well

  8. I enjoyed this poem. It made me smile.

  9. Yep screw being the same as the rest
    Who says what is best
    Some things may be a tad loonie I will say
    But as long as no one is hurt what the hay
    One should stay as they are
    And not try to sing a new bar

  10. yay!!!
    You wrote my mind..
    Have been always one. People around me look at me in disbelief; that is when they don't even know the half of it!!

    I keep explaining to my friends and they keep nodding only to raise many more mundane Qs again..

    I wish Society lets people like me exist n survive.. :)

    loved this absolutely!
    hugs xoxoxox

  11. dig your message, nice one