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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Express Yourself

This is for the brand new Maffick Monday. The idea is to be given a prompt and write whatever you want from it, whether it be a story, song, poem, script... whatever! 
Let the fun begin! 
This week's prompt is to write about a terrible dancer. This poem is what I would tell him/her.

Can you sing?
Can you dance?
If you can't
Take a chance

You're name's not shy
Give it a try
Don't sit on the shelf 
Express yourself!

That's what it's about
Not looking good
Not being cool
Or being a fool

It's about self expression
Just go with the flow
Take this as a lesson
Feel the beat and just GO!

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  1. Great message. Also the dancing bananas made me grin.

  2. Nice one, Andy. The bananas a-peel to me.

  3. Bound to drive anyone bananas, a terrible dancer!! LOL

  4. If you never try, you never know - perhaps that's where I keep going wrong;-)