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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Indoor Games

 I wrote this poem because it reminded me of childhood days when all I wanted to do was go for a bike ride or play football but one look at the sky told me I couldn't.

Indoor Games

It's dark outside
In the middle of the day
The clouds roll in
But it's time to play
What can we do?
We're children after all
We have to go indoors
So we can't play football
Still we need to play
Need to be entertained
In the middle of the day
The only thing to do
Is to play indoor games
Computer games
Board games
I spy with my little eye
A bit of hide and seek
Inside where it's dry
When the weather is unkind
There's only one thing to do
We need to turn our minds
To playing indoor games

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  1. Andy, what a great take on a stormy day-- 'Hide and seek,' ' I spy with my little eye,' all the wonderful games I'd play with my son on a rainy day when he was small and we were stuck inside. Thanks for bringing back the memories!!

  2. This is so lovely I remember being trapped inside during bad weather and the endless games of cards and dominos with my grandmother

  3. reminded me of my childhood, great description of what its like waitin out stormy wheather

  4. Loved this! Took me back...ummm...several years.
    I really liked the way you manipulated the line lengths, as well. The poem itself seems to be playing.

  5. I can relate,
    a stormy day could ruin a child's outdoor adventure.

    love your perspective.

  6. This reminds me of when I was a kid. There were no computers or hand held games then. We'd make tents with the furniture, or, play darts and put hundreds of holes in the door and walls. Drive my mum & dad crazy (there were 6 of us) LOL
    Great imagery Andy :)

  7. I like the use of short lines which suggests bursts of playfulness , in keeping with the theme of your poem .
    It reminds me of a time when games were simple and didn't involve too much technology .

  8. Family time whether you like it or other,
    learn to play with that sister or brother,
    Can't play outside, electricity is out,
    Your world is inside just moving about,
    Monopoly, tents, games without end,
    You'll have lots of fun when you pretend.

  9. Superb indeed ....enjoyed thoroughly..

  10. I never minded being 'trapped' inside. If nothing else, I had my books.

  11. I loved the perspective you took on this piece!

  12. Nice job! You've capture the young's, rainy day frustrations very well. :)