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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Heaven or Hell

This poem is born of my own opinion of heaven and hell. Although I am not religious I do find the whole heaven and hell saga and tales of angels and demons and whatnot a fascinating fiction.

It is for One Shot Wednesday 
and Poets Pantry 52

The tale of heaven
And of hell
Tells us how
Lucifer fell

You think him evil
Think him deadly
Yet his fall
Was born of envy

It was the free will
God gave to men
That made him rebel
And ask why them?

The angels rights
Were all but none
They did as ordered
Or they were gone

Their envy strong
Some did rebel
Wanting free will
They were sent to hell

In heaven your free will
Is brought to a cease
In hell you may do
Whatever you please

Heaven or hell?
Give me hell please!

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  1. oo nice...i wonder if in heaven free will really is removed...surely compelled to worship but without the free will does it make it anything less than slavery...hmm...intriguing...

  2. Yes free up there
    Might be something like splitting hairs
    As it could make things unstable
    So maybe all the freeness is a fable
    Interesting thought
    Is what your great write brought

  3. Interesting slant, not sure I want either...maybe another go round would be nice.

  4. Reincarnation has a lot going for it...

  5. I hear what you are saying, but I will still choose heaven!