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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hate in Silence

 This is for Jingle Potluck. This week's theme is:
Saints, Monks and Meditations
This poem is a Meditation of my own.

Unfortunately I can't find a picture to go with this one.

Hate in Silence

When you feel a hatred so pure
If it ignited the earth would be burned
Forgiveness cannot endure
A hatred so volcanic and violent

You need to starve it of food
Let it wither and decay
Ignorance may seem to be rude
Yet it's the choice of the wise

Revenge is hatred's banquet, it's feast
We can't allow it to feed
It will transform into a beast
If you allow it to nourish and hydrate

So throw the beast in it's cage
Turn the key and dispose
Let it grow old, tire and age
Give it no voice with which to speak

Hatred given voice creates war
Battles; victims needlessly lost
Bloody, ravaged and raw
All so that hatred can speak

Rather than hatred by violence
Rip out it's lungs
Hate in silence
Forget hatreds' enemy exists
Soon you'll discover
Ignorance is bliss

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  1. wow - such a different take on mediatation - very raw,with lots of energy

  2. true words.
    at times, ignorance is bliss of course.
    well done.

  3. "Revenge is hatred's banquet, it's feast" ... well captured!

  4. I like this. The daily news brings this feeling to the surface. I sometimes feel we put the car in reverse by mistake. (?)

  5. very raw and powerful. I liked this a lot and felt you expressed something we all should think about. :)