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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Realisation Above

This is for the

Short Story Slam

As I rise and rise leaving the world below I float with the birds above the clouds and feel invincible.

Looking down I watch the people coming and going about their daily activities. They look like ants, insignificant and small. I am huge compared to them.

A thought of realisation comes to me: 'Not long ago that was me. Is that what I am? Is that what we all are?'

It dawned on me... we are all insignificant alone. Living in our own little world we may ponder on our individual importance, but in the whole world we have to join ours together like a jigsaw. When the pieces fit together to create the finished article we will have together created a work of art. Alone we are only one piece the infinitely pieced puzzle. In small clusters we can create small pieces of the picture but only together can we create great things.

The feeling of invincibility leaves me as I slowly return to ground. With these thoughts in mind I now look at the world differently. I know I have to be a piece of the puzzle, not puzzled and alone. With teamwork and care we can all fit together and there is nothing we can't do.


  1. you have captured the feel of flying perfectly,

    I recall how I feel while in an airplane, very different thing.

    Thanks for playing.

  2. A beautiful interpretation of the prompt ... and thought-provoking too ...

  3. I love the pondering thoughts above the ground. The realizations and insights. :)

  4. Wow. This is very thoughtful and lovely to read.

  5. Beautifully written and enjoyably thoughtful, thanks!

  6. A view from above-a puzzle fitting perfectly into place. Enjoyed it.
    Butterflies of time

  7. And Blogland is one of the best places for fitting jigsaw pieces together! :) We are all searching for the missing 'link'? LOL

  8. Flying away...such a great feeling!
    I think you might enjoy my short story: Press Delete at smashwords.

  9. Perfectly captured, lovely piece

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