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Saturday, 14 May 2011

I am a Phoenix

Just another little poem. It gets addictive.

Times are hard and
          times are rough
I get knocked down
         and get right back up
I may lose the fight
         I won't lose the war
You can shoot me down       
         but I'll be reborn

     I am a Phoenix

You'll tear out my heart
         like a horror show
Grab a gun and shoot... BANG
         a bullet goes through my brain
Drop me out at sea
         to watch me as I drown
Set my soul alight
        but from ash I'll reform

    I am a Phoenix

So believe I'll leave
        and never travel back
All the things you've done
        have made sure of that
You've sent me down to hell
        to suffer eternal wrath
But you always seem to forget
        I'll rise and fly right back

   I am a Phoenix


  1. Nice job. This can apply to so many different situations - spoken by a spurned lover, a condemned criminal, etc. Nicely paced as well.

  2. This reminded me of THIS ! Hello, Phoenix...

  3. I like the positive attitude - irrepressible!

  4. I too, am a Phoenix. It is a wonderful thing to be. I quite like the way you tackled the topic.

  5. Hmmm, you said you were going to follow me too, as I am following you. But I don't see this yet.

  6. Great philosphy packed up tight in this poem. Well done indeed.

  7. love the spirits,
    Happy Rebirth!