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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


This is a poem about a problem of my past.

A gambler likes to risk it
On the rolling of the die
He will place it on a number
With odds of one in thirty five

His last dollar
He will risk it
Even though life will be hard
Because there's nothing more enchanting
Than the turning of a card

No this enchantment is not beauty
It's not love that gamblers see
It's the feeling
The adrenaline
That fuels this mans disease

He may go hungry, may get thinner
But he does it and he's pleased
It's the meal he want's to hear
That drives his hunger of disease

"Ladies and Gentlemen we have a Winner!"
"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!"

The craving hunger now it leaves
But will return when hunger pleads
The gambler will return to the casino
It is the home of his disease


  1. Excellent poem, Andy.Insightful and honest. You've captured the feeling / lifestype well. I've never been a gambler myself. I don't want to lose money, and I know I would. But then again right now I think I need a 12-step-program for a particular iPad game I am addicted to. I spend a lot of TIME, but (thankfully) no money.

  2. Congratulations on being picked for Poem of the Week over at Poets United!

  3. Great poem Andy; I tried to comment on Poets United and it wouldn't work. Blogger might be acting up again...
    Great poem, so true! You painted the angels of addiction so well~ Congrats on being selected; I can see why! Well Done~

  4. A very good description applicable to many addictions. Very nice rhymthm and rhyme