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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Circle of... Existence

Existence... the rot!
It's a funny little thing
One second you're here
The next... you're not

Where did life go?
Every moment filled with glee?

Some things were good
Some things were bad
The rest I forgot
I just did what I should

So a typical day?
Was your life fulfilled?

I worked all day
Slept all night
The rest of the time...
Mostly wasted away

The money you earned...
It must have given you joy?

I paid so I could exist
I paid so others could too
The rest might as well have been nought
Into blur, into mist

So you struggled through life so that you could contine to live?
That's so bland
That's so basic
A boring tale to give!

It's what we humans do in our blunder
Live our lives
Wait for death
Never risking the former
Due to fear of the latter
Yet here it is and I wonder...

Did any of it really matter?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I didn't mean to do it
But I did
But it wasn't me
Not really
Because it wasn't the me I want to be

It wasn't you?
That's your excuse?
Don't twist the truth 
It was you doing what you do
You'll never be who you want to be

I'm trying hard to change from me
I hate myself
Hate what I see
In the mirror, the man
He needs to die for a clean slate

Change is hard
Won't come easy 
Look at yourself more positively
There's no such thing as full rebirth
Take what you have reshape and mould

Reality is the key
Don't hate yourself destructively
We all have qualities good and bad
Nobody is perfect
No need to feel sad

Keep the love you have
The things that bring joy to your day
Break off what is bad
Let it rot and decay

No amount of money
Will change you forever

You are who you are
Accept it
Its fact
Take the good with the bad

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I just want to apologise to all my followers/regular readers for my untimely absence over the last few months - I won't be able to post as often as I did but I'll try to write and post as often as I can.


I am bound by my situation
Bound by rules and regulations
To do what I must
Forsake any lust
That may tempt me

While I long to be free
I am bound
Lock and key
Four uninspiring plain walls
Ignoring freedom
It calls
In my dreams
It calls to me

Take away my bondage to this life
It causes me pain
As I my mind
I must do what I must
However unfair
However unjust
My needs must priority
Over my wants and my lusts
Yet they define me

So I keep them quite safe
Locked away safe and sound
One day I will set them free
Until then they are


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

British Summer Limerick Style

I decided to write about the British Summer in four limericks here.
Because it is a joke. 
(If you're British You'll know what I mean)

The sun's shining bright
Our big burning ball of light
Opportunity's thin
This is a rare thing
Today barbecue; then party tonight

Go shopping for food and fuel
Pushing and shoving; a duel
Those fresh sausages are mine
You can have those there in brine
Get to the tinned aisle you idiot fool

Now it's time to pick up the booze
This is a fight, a race I can't lose
Nobody's willing to share
When the shelves are near bare
Glad I'm wearing my running shoes

Back at home at long last
It seemed ages but was fast
I've got a pain in my brain
Through the window I see rain
Summer's already a thing of the past

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