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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Circle of... Existence

Existence... the rot!
It's a funny little thing
One second you're here
The next... you're not

Where did life go?
Every moment filled with glee?

Some things were good
Some things were bad
The rest I forgot
I just did what I should

So a typical day?
Was your life fulfilled?

I worked all day
Slept all night
The rest of the time...
Mostly wasted away

The money you earned...
It must have given you joy?

I paid so I could exist
I paid so others could too
The rest might as well have been nought
Into blur, into mist

So you struggled through life so that you could contine to live?
That's so bland
That's so basic
A boring tale to give!

It's what we humans do in our blunder
Live our lives
Wait for death
Never risking the former
Due to fear of the latter
Yet here it is and I wonder...

Did any of it really matter?