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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Answer We Fear To Know

This isn't really piece of poetry, however it is set out. It is merely a thought process that I took upon myself to dictate.


It is the question we ask 
Yet shudder at the thought of knowing it's answer
It is that shuddering that drives us
As we lay out our plans of hope to never know that answer
The question has been theorised, speculated and guessed
Most of which derive from religion
Yet never definitively answered
As we seek the answer
Fleeing with fear at the mere thought of it's discovery
That's why we have doctors
To prolong our knowledge lacking an answer
To a question time has not yet answered
And as we live we'll never know
Until inevitability finds us
So we ask

What happens when we die?


  1. very true, everyone wonders about that question, there have been answers from time to time, but none of them is conclusive proof, we just don't know, only death has the answer, but that would be too late to know, I often wonder whether there will be people to talk, or there is no such world, the afterlife.

  2. Andy, this is a universl question. I ask it all the time myself. I want to believe what I believe is 'truth,' but there are so many different beliefs, truths. We will find out someday, and I hope all people's sincerely believed truths are true.

  3. very thought-provoking and philosophical piece, Andy. Enjoyed this

  4. The ultimate question. What happens when we die?
    Maybe nothing... ? Like what happend before we were born?

  5. It's the answer which if mystified in the question..we actually don't know what death is in itself..for the answer to unfurl we have to be the one to witness it..
    Nice and thoughtful..


  6. We cease to exist
    Life continues for others
    Where we journey then
    Is the question?
    I enjoyed reading.

  7. Enjoyed the theme and your poem is well written thanks, immediately left me wondering about living in the present. Thanks

  8. Terrific write. I really don't wonder anymore.

  9. So very true.But then once you die,there is no coming back so I guess nobody wants to take that chance :D Very thought provoking.On the other hand,Its always great for it remain as a mystery.In an age where everything is just a scientific experiment,I say we keep the mystery of death unknown to the living.Keeps em guessing eh? ;)

  10. Very interesting poem,a great topic, and it applies to anyone... :] When we know the answer for sure it's too late to tell anyone!! xx

  11. the last line keep me thinking,
    there are questions no one can ever answers.

  12. An unanswerable question for the ages love it :)

  13. As with our birth only we can be there at that moment in time.
    I myself believe, our body is the sheel for the being within it. Once the shell dies, the pure-energy being inside us goes back to its origins in space and time.
    Very enjoyable read.

  14. I love your pondering philosophical poetry on this subject! Your composition also speaks well of the choice we all make to know this answer! What if we chose something different! Your poem makes me want to go beyond and question that! Great!

  15. Very universal. Something I think most of us think about, a lot-it is the poet's cross to bear, pondering on such unsolvable matters. Well versed, well shaped-can't put my finger on exactly..It looks like something egyptian, something Seth would have in his collection, or sideways it looks like a bat-either way very topic fitting, thanks:)

  16. This is a very intriguing poem being someone who dreams of death (my mom calls me whenever someone gets sicks to ask if I have had any dreams) the first time I really recall was when a boy in classes dad died in a drunk driving accident I didn't know the boy that well and nothing of his dad but the next day he didn't show up for that reason. In my dreams I didn't just know who will die but I dream of helping them cross over at first I didn't clearly see what happened to them since I couldn't go where they were going but over the years its unfolded more and more clearly. Obviously I won't know that I am right until I die and perhaps not then if we just cease but I have a clear image in my own mind. I wrote a bit about in one of my poems its quite abstract but I recommend The Tibetan Book of the Dead

  17. A poetry format is a great way to explore the possibilities of existence, and its end! Loved it

  18. I have myself been working on a piece for a little while (having trouble with it) as i try to draw and understanding towards death, and why some choose it over life. For death has an unknown fear but promise of peace, as life has fears we know, and may be to scared to face. lovly thought, i share it to fill free to email me some time if you care to discuss it furthur.

  19. a thought provoking piece. I would like to think of death as the start of intensified experience of how we live our life. From good to great... Peace and blessings to everyone :)

  20. A quite disturbing one... I think that we just stay as souls and live in eternity with no time nor space... But, I guess there are as many answers as people and philosophers on Earth! Maybe we should just stop worrying about it and live our lives to the fullest. Great, thought-provoking piece! :D

  21. Great build up towards the rhetorical ending. Plus a great structure.

  22. awesome!!! another self realization for me after read this :
    "what will we do if we die tonight?"
    well for me, say good bye to my friends, and say hello to the end!

  23. "Fleeing with fear at the mere thought of its discovery" -- so true! I like the fact that the last line directly asks the question. Well-penned piece about a subject we often avoid.

  24. One can only hope with our hearts and minds. Excellent poem.